CharnwoodMTB – why and who are you?

OK – so slightly awkward first post.

I decided to set up Charnwood MTB after a discussion on the forum of resulted in myself and few other riders getting an invite to speak to the Land Agent for Bradgate Park about access to the park for bikes.

Prior to the meeting it occurred to me that Mountain Bikers in Leicestershire don’t have anyone to speak for them, so I very quickly created a Facebook group, Twitter account and got Aaron to put this site online.

The purpose of CharnwoodMTB is to give the Mountain Bike Riders in the Charnwood area of Leicestershire a “face” and a forum to get their views on trail access and advocacy a voice.

Rough plan:

1) Work with Bradgate Trust to build sustainable trails within Swithland woods on edge of Bradgate Park.

2) Assuming 1 is successful we can then start campaigning for a similar arrangement within the Park itself.

3) Start attending Local Access Forums, this is where rights of way issues are discussed.

We currently have approximately 70 members of the Facebook group which is here:

See you out on the trails!

Dan Lees

Charnwood MTB